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Best night restaurants

Best night restaurants

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Discover Istanbul’s best night restaurants

Get the best experience possible during your dinner. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Istanbul that you should visit during your trip to the Turkish metropolis. Check out:

– Nicole

Nicole offers contemporary Mediterranean dishes and provides the experience on a modern, peaceful terrace with a panoramic view of Istanbul’s historic center.

Currently, chefs Kaan and Aylin command the kitchen and reinvent classic flavors with a modern touch. The variety of contemporary dishes is made around seasonal products. The restaurant’s cellar includes local wines in a chateau-style from the Aegean, Thrace, and Anatolia regions, as well as imported varieties.


– Râna Meyhane

At Râna Meyhane, formerly known as Topaz, you will find the best of Mediterranean and Ottoman cuisine. Overlooking the Bosphorus, the serene setting of the establishment recalls the stone that gave it its name in its geometric design that is complemented with modern decor. The restaurant offers two tasting menus: a modern and a traditional one.

The first includes innovative dishes such as goose liver terrine with cranberry jam and nuts, while the second menu includes classics such as Turkish beef ravioli and strained yogurt.

The Râna wine list has acquired national recognition with an award from the local magazine Gusto and the staff will be happy to supply the wines you request.


– Mikla

Located on the top floor of the elegant Marmara Pera hotel, the establishment offers a sublime view of Istanbul that highlights the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. With retro chrome furniture and a bar made of wood, Mikla is urban, elegant, and stylish.

The exclusive menu reflects the Turkish-Scandinavian background of Chef-owner Mehmet Gürs, who was the pioneer in the contemporary restaurant scene in Istanbul.

Gürs skillfully combines Turkish and Scandinavian culinary techniques, producing delicacies such as raw grouper with olives and lemon, and a slice of Turkish coffee vanilla with raspberry ice cream.

Mamara Pera’s rooftop bar is perfect for pre-dinner drinks. Feel the soft aromas of jasmine and enjoy a generous martini while watching the sunset in this historic city.


– St. Regis Brasserie

Do you want to try French cuisine in Istanbul? Then visit the St. Regis Brasserie.

Housed in the luxurious St. Regis Istanbul hotel, the intimate restaurant comprises indoor and outdoor dining areas with elegant details such as oak, brass, and onyx. The fare is seasonal, including contemporary French-inspired dishes with a Turkish touch.

An extensive menu includes a variety of salads, artisanal pastas, and sandwiches between appetizers and main courses. Try the meatballs from the St. Regis Brasserie or golden in the skillet with a Bloody Mary exclusive from the cocktail menu.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert – the restaurant offers raspberry cake, rice pudding, tiramisu, and mascarpone cheesecake.


– Asitane

Overlooking the Golden Horn, Restaurant Asitane is located at the foot of Edirnekapi, considered by many to be one of the most important areas in historic Istanbul.

The restaurant is close of the Chora Church, famous for its mosaics and one of the most revered and well-preserved buildings of the Byzantine era. Asitane opened its doors in 1991, serving dishes that reflect the eclectic nature of the Turkish-Ottoman neighborhood.

Asitane was one of the many names given to Istanbul during the era of the Ottoman Empire, and today the Asitane Restaurant brings to life the flavors of a glorious past era.

After 20 years in hospitality, Asitane now boasts an impressive archive with over 450 forgotten sweet and savory recipes, prepared according to 500-year-old cooking methods.


– Sunset Grill & Bar

Located on a hilltop in Ulus Park, this restaurant offers spectacular views of the Bosphorus Bridge and the Asian coast. Sunset Grill & Bar is a romantic restaurant, offering a wide menu of Turkish and international cuisine with a strong Japanese influence.

In 2000, a sushi bar was opened here in 2000. In 2006, Japanese Master Chef Hiroki Takemura joined the Sunset Grill & Bar, presenting a selection of the new Japanese cuisine, and in 2015 the Director of Culinary Innovation Chef Fabrice Canelle joined the team, bringing the best examples of Mediterranean cuisine to the home menu. The winery includes some of the best rare wines in the world, from Petrus to La Tache, Château Latour to Sassicaia, and Opus One to Château d’Yquem.

Also, Sunset Grill & Bar was voted one of the best restaurants in Europe by Zagat.


– Feriye Palace

Initially opened as a police station during the Ottoman period, the Feriye Palace building is a rare example of classic 19th-century Ottoman architecture in a restaurant. Defender of Turkish gastronomy, the establishment also conducts regular seminars and special food presentations. The restaurant is based on Ottoman cooking techniques from the 12th to the 19th century and includes delicacies such as spicy cured meat and manti (pockets of filled pasta).


– Ulus 29

Opened in 1993, Ulus 29 is a perfect place to see the Bosphorus and Istanbul’s bridges.

The establishment specializes in gastronomic concepts with traditional cooking methods and values offering traditional dishes from the region.

Also, the restaurant produces its own aged meats, as well as ice cream and pasta. Likewise, the place has a wine list with about 4,500 bottles.

Enjoy cocktails at Teras Bar or choose a lively night at Ulus Club 29 to dance to international DJs on weekends.


– Banyan

Banyan is a restaurant focused on healthy cuisine with Asian roots (mainly from China) on the top floor of a historic building, offering impressive views of the city of Istanbul. Dishes like pepper steak, duck satay, and dim sum are just some of the options to go with tea, natural juice, or a cocktail. Certainly one of the most amazing restaurants in Istanbul.


– Maiden’s Tower

Istanbul’s landmark, the Maiden’s Tower stands proudly at the intersection of the Bosphorus, where the continents of Asia and Europe meet. The tower’s history goes back 2,500 years. The tower now serves as a cafe and restaurant, attracting visitors for a romantic meal, business appointments, or even wedding ceremonies. With delicious breakfasts and international lunch and dinner menus, the Maiden’s Tower can be visited at any time of the day. Live music and a friendly atmosphere will accompany your meal, and with the Bosphorus everywhere, the experience is simply surreal.


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